Why are CD and DVD Drives not in Sealed Enclosures

  MrAjMann 23:14 01 May 2018

I was Wondering if anyone knows why a CD and DVD Drives are not housed in sealed enclosures but HDD are. I am assuming its because of moving parts but i am not sure

  wee eddie 23:37 01 May 2018

If they were sealed, how would you put the CD/DVD in to play it?

  alanrwood 10:03 02 May 2018

Hard drives are much more sensitive to even microscopic dust. Laser operated CD and DVD drives are on a much larger scale and are unaffected by most dust particles.

  Ian in Northampton 10:04 02 May 2018

AFAIK, the difference is in the distance between the read/write head and the platter. In a hard disk drive, the very slightest speck of dust getting between them can cause a disk crash. On a CD/DVD drive, the distance between the head and the platter is much greater, making them less susceptible to problems caused by contaminants. I believe that's why hard drives are sealed. I'm probably completely wrong, though.

  Ian in Northampton 10:05 02 May 2018

alanrwood: great minds.. :-)

  Bris 18:13 02 May 2018

Firstly they use totally different technologies, hard drives use magnetic technology and CD/DVDs use optical technology and have much less capacity. Hard drives are assembled in clean rooms with filtered air and operators in special clothing as the distance between the heads of a hard drive and the platters is so fine that smoke particles can cause a head crash, that is why they are sealed after manufacture.

CD/DVDs use a laser beam to scan the surface of the disc which is much more tollerant with regard to contamination and put up with finger marks etc.

Hope the above helps.

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