SANAP 23:08 06 Nov 2010

I like opera but when I visit certain sites, eg 02 online in Ireland I cant send free webtexts, and when on other sites I cant print pages as easily as I do with IE8. I can get opera to mimic ie but it makes no difference. It seems I am being forced to go back to ie8, some banking sites only like ie8 as well.

Is there a way round this so that I can use opera all the time??


  dms_05 09:53 07 Nov 2010

Banking can be an issue as many banks seem to design their web pages for IE. I've used Opera since v6 about 6 years ago and find it's other advantages (like the ability to turn off javascript on specific sites like this one) outweigh some minor problems. In many cases turning off javascript can make a site load very much faster. Menu>Settings>QuickPreferences>Edit Site Preferences>Scripting>untick Javascript

  octal 14:00 07 Nov 2010

I have had an issue in the past using banking sites not liking my browser because they don't support it. I have emailed them before asking why they are discriminating against me as I want to use a browser and system of my choice rather than being held to ransom be forcing me to use Microsoft products, what happened to choice?

The last time I had this issue was with Cathy Pacific when I was trying to check the cost of flights and the site flatly refused to let me in. I fired an email off to them and within an hour they got back to me apologising and they would look into the problem, within a day the problem was resolved and I could get in without a problem.

There's no good reason why they restrict the use of non Microsoft products in this day and age, I think these organisations don't always realise there is a problem till you tell them. If they still refuse to resolve the issues, then I'll take my business elsewhere.

  SANAP 14:31 07 Nov 2010

thanks all, methinks I will just have to put up with it, going to try that tip for javascript as well.


  rdave13 14:37 07 Nov 2010

I must say I've tried a lot of browsers. I used Opera for a few years but the then update messed it up on some sites. I always come back to internet explorer and Firefox as a backup. In my humble opinion they're the two best browsers around. Only slight gripe on IE is the slowish opening of a new tab.

  Ian in Northampton 15:45 07 Nov 2010

You have to recall that, for a very long time, IE was by far the most popular choice of browser - it was so much the default option that there was little point in major corporate IT departments designing their web site for any other browser. It's only latterly that users have begun to get savvy enough to make a different choice of browser - but it takes large IT organisations a long time to catch up with stuff. Any anyway: they can pretty much bank on everyone having access to IE as a secondary choice - so why would they bother? I love Chrome - I wouldn't willingly go back - but I acknowledge there are sites where I'm going to need to revert to IE. No big deal.

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