Why am I waiting?

  hssutton 11:24 28 Jun 2011

Attempting to Subscribe to a topic in Speakers Corner I get the message "Please Wait"

I'm still waiting 10 minutes later. Why this problem?

  sunnystaines 11:34 28 Jun 2011

been bad like this last two days

  hssutton 11:37 28 Jun 2011

Just one of those things then. the message is still there. Will re post the message.

  woodchip 12:11 28 Jun 2011

it can be the browser you use, i keep tapping refresh if it looks like its stalled

  Woolwell 13:21 28 Jun 2011

If it stalls - copy the text (ctrl-c) - refresh the page - paste the text - (ctrl -v) and then Post. Seems to work.

  wee eddie 14:00 28 Jun 2011

I doubt that it's your Browser, because it's happening to all and sundry.

If a Commercial Website were to behave in this way, we would have moved on long ago. As it's Free & a Helpline, we just need to grin and bare it.

  woodchip 14:20 28 Jun 2011

It seems to be all the Add cookies that are following our key presses if you watch them all bottom left in your browser screen, and on the odd one it seems to stop

  Crosstrainer2 15:11 28 Jun 2011

It's been bad all day, could not log in on my PC, but all seems fixed now, and the site appears to be much faster (holds breath)

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