why am I shooting up and stretching out?

  mco 17:29 17 Feb 2006

Sorry - haven't a clue of the correct terminology but at least you've now looked! If you look at this page
click here
and you hover your mouse either on the Brazil millionaire game or the Amazonia link for instance, a really long thin box shoots up- what is it? It doesn't happen on all the link boxes, just some of them. Is it to do with the alt tags? How do I stop it?

  djinn 17:44 17 Feb 2006


You have some really long Alt and Title tags in there - looks like the enter key was hit quite a few times in their construction - did you build the page and these entries??

Anyway reduce the length of the text in those tags.


  ade.h 18:16 17 Feb 2006

It almost looks like you have been hitting the tab key while typing in the alt tag box.

Delete the tags and re-enter them; see if that helps.

(You had me worried for a mo with your title! LOL)

  mco 18:36 17 Feb 2006

Thanks first djinn - I wish I'd looked at the code first before I posted and updated because maybe I'd have seen it myself: when I checked in NOF I hadn't actually added alt tags - so I suspect NOF was using my long titles as default alt tags, hence the shooting and stretching. I just added really short alt tags myself - and it's sorted! Thanks to adeh for comment - I think I'll start a trend for clever but relevant query titles!!

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