Why am i receiving the message buffer underrun when writing cds

  martd7 18:58 25 Feb 2014

This i feel is connected with another thread i had about dvds taking a long time to burn,back to the beginning,when my computer was upgraded in the local shop it came back with a non working cd\dvd writer (sony),they exchanged it promptly and fitted a Lite on i24HAS,when i started converting some videos using Convertx to dvd 5 the burn time was almost 50mins for a full dvd 5 disc using the inbuilt program,i posted the results on the forum only to be told it was due to bad media so i purchased some verbatim with the same result,i now burn the dvds in Nero which takes only 12mins,so it would seem its the software

Since having these problems i swapped the lite on for a samsung unit,same results with dvd,then ive come to write some cds which i havent done for 6 months and Nero is telling me "buffer under run avoided 6 times",tried different writing speeds down to 4x and different media same result

I cant help feeling this is connected because before i had the pc upgraded everything was fine,had a look on net couple of suggestions seem to be writing at too high a speed or i need the "aspi" driver??

Hope someone can assist this is driving me crazy!!! PC has 8gb ram,Intel I5 processor,1tb hd,Win7 64 bit ultimate

  Woolwell 22:15 25 Feb 2014

Do you have the latest drivers for your writer?

  Woolwell 22:17 25 Feb 2014

Do you have any other programs running in the background eg virus scan?

  martd7 22:49 25 Feb 2014

Yes i have the latest drivers although i dont think the problems the writer this is the 2nd one,no i dont have anything running when burning discs but thanks

  Batch 08:55 26 Feb 2014

If you get "buffer under run avoided 6 times" it suggests that the system is recovering (successfully) from the buffer under runs. Are the CDs / DVDs created OK. If so I wouldn't worry too much.

Buffer under runs used to be an issue as the CD/DVD drives and/or software could not cope when the write buffer (for writing to the CD/DVD became empty) and the software / devices did not have buffer under run protection. Most software / devices have buffer under run protection these days (which is probably evidenced by the message you have received), plus modern machines are much faster and more able to keep the write buffer sufficiently supplied so that buffer under runs don't tend to arise.

Having said that, if you are running a lot of other stuff at the same time as burning CDs / DVDs, buffer under runs will be more likely to occur. Years ago the way to avoid them was to not do anything else whilst burning, but I find it is much less of a problem nowadays.

  Woolwell 09:57 26 Feb 2014

This could be down to the ability of the system to extract data from the hardrive. I stress could not is. What is the spin speed of the drive? Have you done a health check on it?

  martd7 10:37 26 Feb 2014

batch take your point but not ever having this problem before and all this seems to have stemmed from having the pc upgraded,i tend toward something has occurred during the upgrade to cause this problem,its not a msg ive seen before,yes the cds seem ok

woolwell,i used seagates "seatools" program,the hard drive passed all tests

  Woolwell 10:53 26 Feb 2014

Have you run Task Manager during a burn and seen what cpu and memory usage is?

  martd7 12:37 26 Feb 2014

No i will try that tonight thanks

  martd7 10:05 27 Feb 2014


cpu usage varied through the burn from 1% - 10% mostly 4-5% memory usage was 1.5mb if my reading of it was correct

  Woolwell 11:26 27 Feb 2014

I'm sorry - but I'm stuck.

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