Why am I having trouble switching between windows?

  monroe444 15:36 28 Oct 2014

I just bought a second hand Thinkpad T410, Win 7, Intel Core 14 vPro. Everything was going fine at first, but it has dramatic slowdowns when I have lots of Chrome tabs open (I'm a student doing constant research so I can't just close everything). I did not have this problem on my old HP laptop.

Just in the last few days, when I click on the icons for Word or PP or Chrome on the very bottom row of my screen (not sure what that is called) to open them up, I see the documents or browser windows I have open, but when I select one, nothing happens. If I minimize the window I have open, sometimes I can get to them that way, but it has become very inconvenient and time consuming to go back and forth between windows. What could have happened?

If you could explain what I am doing wrong and if I can fix it, I will buy you a coffee!

  monroe444 15:37 28 Oct 2014

Intel Core 15, not 14, oops

  Batch 17:18 28 Oct 2014

How much memory does the laptop have?

And is it Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit?

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