Why am I getting an "Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown" message?

  Sonya 16:55 03 Feb 2013

On Friday I installed new security software (BT NetProtect Plus) & all seemed to be fine. So yesterday I started to run a full scan but was called away for about 30 minutes. When I came back I had to press the power button to take me back to the desktop but found that the scan had stopped & the whole thing was totally unresponsive. The only way I could get it to switch off was with the power button. When I started my laptop again a “Startup repair” was recommended, after which I got this message: Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown Now every time I start my laptop its unresponsive for a good few minutes after reaching the desktop & then I get this same message. After that it seems ok. Can anyone tell me why I am getting this message & if there is anything I can do to stop it. Any help would be gratefully received. Son

  Jollyjohn 17:01 03 Feb 2013

If you uninstall BT NetProtect does the problem still occur?

Make, model and specifications of the laptop would be useful.

  Sonya 18:13 03 Feb 2013

Thanks for your reply. I have uninstalled Bt NetProtect but am still getting this message.

The laptop is a Sony VAIO VPCEB3E1E. Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) Processor: Intel® Pentium® CPU P6100 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz Installed memory (RAM): 4.00GB (3.86 GB usable)


  Woolwell 18:15 03 Feb 2013

Try a system restore to a point before the installation of the BT software.

  Sonya 18:41 03 Feb 2013

I tried using System Restore but there was only one Restore Point (even when I checked the box to show more points) which was after the installation of the BT software & so am still getting the same message.

  Woolwell 18:55 03 Feb 2013

Surprised by the lack of points. Sorry but I'm stuck.

  Sonya 08:34 04 Feb 2013

As an alternative to System Restore, what about if I restore the laptop to its factory settings (using "VAIO Care Rescue"). Do you think this would solve the problem? Perhaps this sounds a bit extreme but I've only had it 18 months & haven't created that many files on it as I only really use it to go on the internet (never for work). Thanks once again. Sonya

  Jollyjohn 09:39 04 Feb 2013


Yes restoring to factory settings should sort the issue. Save any documents etc. to a usb stick. You can also save your favourites to the stick and if you have any e-mail contacts, the best way to save these is to export them to the usb stick, as .csv ( comma separated values ) then they can easily be imported once the laptop is working again.

Note also W7 will spend a while downloading and installing updates and you may have to re install your antivirus software. The whole process will take best part of a day to complete but you don't need to be sat in front of it all that time.

  Sonya 10:52 04 Feb 2013

I'll give it a go. Thanks for the advice.

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