Charla 10:57 27 Jun 2007

Having now sorted the problem of not being able to log on etc to my credit ref agency. I notice something that puzzles me. That is if I log on using firefox there is a little animated clock that whizzes around then my info appers. If I log on using IE7 I get the same info but a clock that starts off moving then stops then I get my info. Any idea why? I have down loaded flash so?

  Meshuga 12:02 27 Jun 2007

It would be a great advantage if your thread title gave some indication of what your problem is. " WHY" tells us nothing. Have a look at other posts to see what I mean. You might even get some answers.

  Charla 12:17 27 Jun 2007

Cheeky answer! Perhaps if you read my request you might know the answer or are you just a jobs worth!

  Meshuga 12:25 27 Jun 2007

Perhaps if you read the forum rules you would see that it requests you do exactly what I have suggested. A lot of members wont even waste time opening your post unless they know whether they are capable of answering you. ps, if you want to read the forum rules go back to the opening page and you will find a link to click on.

  umbongo(uk) 12:34 27 Jun 2007

no he states a point whats wrong with the title
ie7 browser issue would be a suggestion

answer to you question is both browsers are diffrent
in fire fox the trilobite looking icon is showing you the browser is gathering data etc tis a blue bar on ie7 when they complete your request they stop
not really a problem your having is it
and beside he,s a jobs worth taking the time to read you post as most of us are
he also pointed out that the more info on your problem the quicker you will get a reply we dont have to help you know

  Charla 12:53 27 Jun 2007

I have posted other questions in this fashion on this and other sites "Helpful" people have aways replied. Obviously not everybody's so nit picky. Thanks for your reply. What I was refering to in my novice fashion was that on the Credit Expert site, when their system is retrieving information they have an animated clock which on the FF browser keeps whizzing around whilst on the IE7 it's stationary. I get the corect info both ways but I wondered Why? and how could this be overcome? Flash has been downloaded.

  umbongo(uk) 12:58 27 Jun 2007

its just the way each browser works
some site,s are not compatible with firefox and ask for ie to be used instead, to view the information
its the way each browser interprets the data held on the web page
as you can also turn off the images and flash programs within each browser just to view the info/written parts you want thus speeding up browsing it just a browser thing

  Charla 13:01 27 Jun 2007

Silly question how do I turn off the images and flash programs within each browser?

  umbongo(uk) 13:22 27 Jun 2007

your a pain in the *&^% lol

in firfox just download the add on fasterfox

how to
click tools--addons--get extensions--
when web page comes up type in search box
faster fox click on it
install ,,you will have to restart the browser
then go back to
tools--addons click the options in what you just installed should have set itself to turbo
tht the easiest way to speed it up still want no images
no image.s just uncheck the box in the tools--option--content

tools--internet options--advanced
scroll down to multi media
uncheck show picture

all this info is already on the web and in more depth please use google for more info on more browser optimisations

  Charla 13:32 27 Jun 2007

I hope not shall now leave you in peace.

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