Why is 1GB PC3200 DDR400 so expensive?

  muska 00:06 01 Jul 2004

I have an ASRock P4VT8 motherboard.

Memory supported is as follows:-

PC2100 (DDR266) for 3 DDR DIMM slots, Max. 3GB
PC2700 (DDR333) for 2 DDR DIMM slots, Max. 2GB
PC3200 (DDR400) for 1 DDR DIMM slot, Max. 1GB

I want my PC to have 1 GB of RAM to run with my P4 3.06Ghz processor.

With the above info, is my only option to buy 1x 1GB memory stick with a DDR of 400? If so where can I get a stick like that? How much will it cost?

I am a real novice. Please help.

  PSF 00:10 01 Jul 2004

Have a look here for the prices for your motherboard ram click here

  Totally-braindead 00:11 01 Jul 2004

No you've misread it completetly what it say is if you've got PC2100 memory the maximum it will take is 3 gigabytes and so on. Your board will only support 1 gigabyte of DDR400. According to the info you have given you can have 1 gig of any of these memory types but if you choose the DDR400 then the MAXIMUM you can have of this particular memory is 1 gig.

  Totally-braindead 00:15 01 Jul 2004

Here the memory that is compatible with your motherboard click here

  muska 00:19 01 Jul 2004

Could I do this?

2 sticks of PC2700 (DDR 333) of 512KB each.

  Totally-braindead 00:24 01 Jul 2004

The type of memory you use depends on the speed of your processor, if you use slower memory then your computer may run, but it wouldn't run at full speed. What you need to know is what speed of memory is suitable for the processor you have. I can't help you there I'm afraid as I've used AMD processors for some time now and know very little about Intel chips. I'm sure some of the Forum will advise you though.

  PSF 00:28 01 Jul 2004

Looking at the spec on the Asrock site you can use 3 GB of ddr400 ie 3x1 GB click here

  Totally-braindead 00:40 01 Jul 2004

PSF unless I'm misreading it you can only put up to 1 gig of DDR 400 in this board, a maximum of 1 gig. I downloaded the manual and checked and this confirmed it. The board will take 3 gig of memory but only 3 gig of PC2100, it would also take 2 gig of PC2700 or 1 gig of PC3200(ddr400).

  muska 00:43 01 Jul 2004

Would 2 GB of PC2700 be more expensive than 1 GB of PC3200 (DDR400)?

  PSF 09:45 01 Jul 2004

Yes it does look like you can only put 1 gig of PC400 ram in.

muska, If you use PC2700 it will cost £168.01 inc. VAT for each module ie £336 for 2 gig.

PC400 is £251.44 inc. VAT for a 1 gig module.

You could put 3 pc2700 modules of 512 mb to give you 1.5 gig at a cost of £185.

the choice is yours. Prices are from the Crucial site. click here

  muska 21:19 01 Jul 2004

Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.

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