Whuch Software for Labels

  It's Me 12:53 28 Aug 2004

I am sorry to mention this, but I am already getting requests(?) from she who must be obeyed about the dreaded season. I do the labels for the cards you see. However, before, I became uptodate with XP, I used a package of software called Labels unlimited, which in a weak moment I bought some years ago at PC World to use with ME. I admit I found it a bit of a pain to use and decided that to use a data base you needed a special type of brain which I, unfortunately didn't have. Nevertheless, the lady got her labels each year after a great deal of time spent and much sweat and tears. Of course, this software won't work on XP and the info that it filed is useless, so I must start again, however my question is, what is the best software to use?

  VoG II 12:57 28 Aug 2004

If you have Word, Avery Label Wizard click here

  pj123 14:34 28 Aug 2004

Or Avery Labels from click here

  Belatucadrus 14:43 28 Aug 2004

click here for Avery design pro free limited version

  It's Me 15:15 28 Aug 2004

Thank you. Very useful.
I thought that Avery did labels, and it never crossed my mind that they would do the software to go with them.

  Hamish 15:22 28 Aug 2004

I have labels unlimited, a softkey product of 1994 vintage and it works and has worked with 1995, 2000pro. 1998 and XP Home versions of windows. It also works with XP Pro. A pain to set up but once setup it fine to use

  Hamish 15:26 28 Aug 2004

PS Try installing your labels program using the program compatibility wizard

  It's Me 17:12 28 Aug 2004

Thanks. I tried the program compatibility wizard when I first got this XP on Lemmings, and then found it worked anyway. But I never thought to use it Labels. Now, of course, for the life in me, I can't find the wizard. A clue would be useful please, as the 'Help' is no help at all.

  Hamish 19:28 28 Aug 2004

Hello Its Me
Try Start. then programs, then accessories and the program wizard should be lurking there. My labels worked great with all versions of windows, it was about 4.99 and over the years worth every penny. Good luck.

  MIke 21:17 28 Aug 2004

Easier is to right click the shortcut icon for the program you want to run in compatibility mode, chose properties then the compatibility tab

  It's Me 21:35 28 Aug 2004

Thank you. I'll have a go tomorrow. If it works, it'll save me buying another programme.

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