Whose fault is it?

  Alf58 22:29 29 Sep 2010

Talking to my son who is at Uni on skype. We see him perfectly well. He sees us as rather poor pixilated images. Skype says it is a slow internet connection thast is the problem. If this is the case it his our internet connection causing the problem? He is plugged into the University network and we use a broadband router giving us download speeds of 5.5 mbps with our router syncing at just over 10mps. I alweays though our internet connection was pretty good. Any one got any thoughts>

Could it be our webcam? When we set up Skype before he went away(ie in his bedroom) both images were fine this makes me think it may not be the webcam. Anyway, any ideas?

  Woolwell 22:32 29 Sep 2010

He's plugged into the uni network and that could be where the problem lies. How fast is that and how many are sharing it?

  Nontek 22:34 29 Sep 2010

You see him perfectly well, so his setup is OK - I would check your own setup, especially the Video Settings.

My BB connection is only 1Mb (out in 'the sticks'), so I don't think that is part of your problem.

  Alf58 22:40 29 Sep 2010

I have no idea how fast his connection is or how many are using it.

How do I go about checking my video settings? As I said in the original post both mine and his webcams worked well when we were both in the same house.

I would go out and buy a new web cam but I am worried it wouldnt make any difference.

Perhaps find a retailer who is prepared to refund a new webcam if it doesn't work i.e. acts the same as the old one?

  Woolwell 23:28 29 Sep 2010

Doubt that it is the webcam.

Skype says slow internet connection and it is probably correct. I sometimes get poor images from overseas when the connection there is below par.

Is there anyone else you can connect to to check?

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