Who would you go to to design that

  Daddymac 21:13 27 Feb 2006


I recivd an email today over a project called discountproject.co.uk , it seems like a good Idea, and coul dhave wings, but imagine it did. Who on earth would thy ask to develop the website. Seems like a masive undertaking, what with the fraud prevention and all and the online accounts.

I've always wondered who big business go to?

yours, curious

  Forum Editor 23:31 27 Feb 2006

some big companies go to me, and people like me.

  sikefula 10:25 28 Feb 2006

..."some big companies go to me, and people like me"...
...Also curious,FE,who are you really?-I mean what did you have to do to get where you are,could you be kind enough to tell us the kind of road you travelled to get where you are,what sort of education received/studied,when and by what mode?
...as a budding self-taught Webdesigner myself,sometimes I am truly heartbroken to read on this forum (Taran,are you reading this?) how it's futile to go into web design these days because the market is saturated etc etc...or is a case of being born at the right time/generation or there is more to it...am truly confused and baffled how some people can make it big yet others are told it's not all that rosy to pursue a similar route...FE,hope you take it in good spirit,as is my initial hope. Thanks.Sikefula.

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