Who should I use to build me a gaming PC?

  AloeJake 00:24 22 Apr 2017

Hey! So, recently I've been wanting a gaming PC, but I am a complete novice who's never gamed on a PC, in a nutshell - I'm a console gamer through and through. But I want to get a gaming PC, or just a PC for between £500 and £700 to be able to play H1Z1, Battlegrouds, and various other games on either perfect quality or high, ideally with 60FPS. But yeah, I'm a complete novice, I have my brother who could help me build a decent system but I don't think he'll know even half as much as some of you guys.

Anu good websites that I can check out? Any hidden gems? Ideally someone who does near enough everything for me

  rdave13 00:39 22 Apr 2017

No idea what will run modern games well now but Chillblast aren't bad considering their guarantee. Have a look around the site and the offers there.

  rdave13 00:56 22 Apr 2017

There's another post over at the Games forum you might like to study. Could even get you a better performer games machine at the price you're thinking of, but doubt you will get the same warranty.

Have a look anyway and do a bit of research . Good hunting.

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