Who or what keeps dialling the internet?

  Bad Dad 20:18 14 Sep 2003

I have a small LAN set up with a host and guest computer both running XP SP1. To dial out from the host involves the usual window popping up with the ISP and password boxes. However the guest that connects to the internet through the host has all IE boxes greyed out and is able to connect without the usual window appearing. It even dials the internet on its own without a warning. It appears to simply connect to the ISP without going to a site but as it ties the phone line it is EXTREMELY annoying. Please, please someone tell me why it does this and more importantly how to stop it doing it.

Many thanks in advance.

  mark e 20:25 14 Sep 2003


  muppetmark 20:47 14 Sep 2003

It could be a virus or spyware, a full antivirus check is in order also download, install, update and run Spybot from click here to get rid of the dialler and to prevent any more spyware blaster is recommended

  Peverelli 20:58 14 Sep 2003

Have you tried this with the guest account? In Outlook Express, go to Tools > Options and on the General tab (underneath "If my computer is not connected at this time") select "do not connect". Also untick "Send and receive messages at startup".

  fred 21:18 14 Sep 2003

I had similar symptoms just before mablast worm made itself known. The symptoms have not re appeared after applying the patch for the worm.

Worth trying a fully update virus scan.

I seem to have mislaid the URL for a free on line virus scan but I'm sure that others can point you to it.

  Kitz E Kat 21:24 14 Sep 2003

That hapened me same setup as you , in my case i downloaded a copy of Zone alarm and that sorted it...

It was not a virus or spyware just 'regular' programme's dialing out.....

I loaded ZoneAlarm on the guest computer and bingo....

Hope this helps

Kitz E Kat

  Bad Dad 21:40 14 Sep 2003

Thanks for the suggestions I'll give them a try. I suppose if all else fails install a modem in the guest computer and prevent it accessing the host modem.

Kitz E Kat - where can I get zone alarm?

Thanks again.

  Peverelli 21:46 14 Sep 2003

Zone Alarm, either from your favourite magazine's cover disk ;O) or here: click here (go for the free download)

  Bad Dad 21:54 14 Sep 2003

Oops! So it is. :)


  Peverelli 22:03 14 Sep 2003

After installing, go for the update. Turn the alerts off because they get annoying, you don't really need to know about them as Zone Alarm is preventing access anyway. Any probs with ZA then either have a quick search of PCA's forum or start a new thread - there'll be plenty of help.

  Bad Dad 22:21 14 Sep 2003

Zone alarm installed and up pops a program svchost.exe that wants on the internet. What is this and can I stop it doing it?

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