Who is Helen?

  Yimbo 23:24 31 Dec 2008

I've just set up my new computer - so far so good! However, I notice that the "Documents and Settings" folder, which on my previous machine read "Documents and Settings/my name", now reads "Documents and Settings/Helen". When I try to rename, I get the message ""Helen is a Windows system folder for Windows to run properly. It cannot be moved or renamed"

Does anyone know this lady? How do I remove her presence and reclaim this folder as mine?

  tullie 06:59 01 Jan 2009

Brand new computer??

  ened 07:03 01 Jan 2009

The question is: Why is someone elses name on your "NEW" computer.

Is the computer second hand?

  johndrew 10:34 01 Jan 2009

I`ll second that.

To get a "Documents and Settings/Helen" location the name "Helen" must have been inserted during the setup process; if you didn`t do it then the previous "owner" did. Where was the PC bought?

  Yimbo 12:35 01 Jan 2009

Thanks folks -you've given me a lot to think about - and worry over!! Yes, I paid full whack for the machine - an Arbico Elite 8680 GTX at over £1300 - mainly on the recommendation of PC Advisor's Top 5 Charts. I can't imagine that this company would sell me a scond hand machine! All the Docs and settings appear to be mine - apart from the name "Helen"!

Should have said before - but I wish you all a Happy New Year!!

  ened 13:03 01 Jan 2009

In the New Year I would contact Arbico and ask them to explain.

It certainly looks like a nice machine but it has presumably been returned by 'Helen' for some reason and is not new.

For that price I would need a satisfactory answer.

  Yimbo 13:27 01 Jan 2009

Thanks, ened. Will do! Keep you posted!

  iscanut 15:08 01 Jan 2009

Right click on My Computer then Properties and have a look at the name the computer is registered to

  Yimbo 23:57 01 Jan 2009

Done this, iscanut, and the machine is registered to me. I also thought of what you suggest, Switcher, - perhaps "Helen" was the person who did the initial set-up.

I'll email Arbico and see what they have to say!

Keep you posted! Thanks

  Yimbo 12:42 03 Jan 2009

No, Terminus90 - I am listed as "Compouter Administrator". But under System Information/System Summary "Helen" is listed aa "User Name"

  Yimbo 15:38 03 Jan 2009

I believe you, Helen, but I'm waiting for a reply from Arbico before I take things further!

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