Who is General Failure and why is he reading my ha

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 23 Jul 2004

Time for a light break for all you hardworking Helpers on the Forum.....

Prehistoric tech support

The tech support problem dates back to long before the industrial revolution, when primitive tribesmen beat out a rhythm on drums to communicate:

This fire help. Me Groog

Me Lorto. Help. Fire not work.
You have flint and stone?


You hit them together?


What happen?

Fire not work

(sigh) Make spark?

No spark, no fire, me confused. Fire work yesterday.

*sigh* You change rock?

I change nothing

You sure?

Me make one change. Stone hot so me soak in stream so stone not burn Lorto hand. Small change, shouldn't keep Lorto from make fire.

*Grabs club and goes to Lorto's cave*

  Old Shep 15:18 23 Jul 2004

After reading your post I am slightly worried about you. Are there men in white coats coming up your drive. Perhaps you should visit Speakers Corner forum click on the Forum Nicknames thread and explain yours. Then we may better understand you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:28 23 Jul 2004

Just get a bit frustrated explaining to forumm members how to repair their PCs (I Know we were in that position ourselves once) needed some light relief.

  picklesy 15:37 23 Jul 2004

good one.

  stalion 16:58 23 Jul 2004

let's all smokum pipe of peace

  Old Shep 18:01 23 Jul 2004

Come on get on Speakers Corner I am dying to see why you are called that name. Give us all some light relief.

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