Who is this forum for?

  JIM EMERY 09:49 29 Oct 2006

Hi people, im a beginner to forums and was just browsing on here. Without sounding rude this forum seems to be the place for people with a lot more knowledge of computers than me...

this made me wonder, is this forum for enthusiasts or a mis of beginners right up to tech savvy? does anybody know of any beginner forums as I feel I may be more suited to those.

  VoG II 09:50 29 Oct 2006

Post beginners questions here click here

  mikef. 09:58 29 Oct 2006

The forum is for everyone, no question is to simple, we all have to learn, when I started on here my computer knowledge was minimal but reading these forums is a great learning curve and now I'm able to offer advice, mostly because the question has been asked before either by me or someone else.

  Vangeliska 10:00 29 Oct 2006

To answer your question, yes it is a mix of beginners up to and beyond Tech savvy, there IS an Absolute Beginners section but you would do well to stick with the Helproom and feel free to post ANY kind of computer related questions.

  johnnyrocker 10:01 29 Oct 2006

i agree with mike F this forum is a great place for expanding whatever is ones computer ability in a friendly (most of the time;))and non pressured manner


  anskyber 10:05 29 Oct 2006


  p;3 10:32 29 Oct 2006

who is it for ?it is a loverly mix of just about anyone and everyone; as you will see on the left-hand side of your screan there are several different sections ; as you state you are a complete beginner (?)then, as vog says, you could post your request for help in the beginners section as in his link;

one hitch with this site is that , once you have posted your message then there is no edit button

and, as you also say, you can learn a lot from just browsing the threads and sections ;one point to perhaps bear in mind though, that what works for someone elses computer might not work for yours;

and of course there is the speakers corner

click here where ( you have read the forum rules and guidelines?)you can start a discussion on just about any topic ;

  Totally-braindead 10:45 29 Oct 2006

Agree with the others this Forum is for everyone. If you know next to nothing about computers then you might feel more confortable posting in Absolute Beginners but otherwise post here.
Without even posting you might find your answer here as you can search through the previous postings using the search box in the top right. This might save you posting at all if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
Please also bear in mind we all had to start somewhere and many individuals have things they specialise in.
I wouldn't be too concerned about posting something which may be a bit "silly" I posted about my numeric pad not working and spent a couple of weeks deleting and reinstalling drivers only to have someone ask if I had the numeric lock off. What an idiot I felt and what a waste of all that time.
I still cringe when I think of it. Whatever you post it can't be worse than that.

  Meshuga 11:08 29 Oct 2006

When I first came to this forum I knew absolutely nothing about computers. I was given all the help I needed when problems arose. They are a great bunch. It`s the best there is, Join us.

  skidzy 11:09 29 Oct 2006

Jim,just to put your mind at rest.

I came to PCA around three years ago with a problem and have been here since.The problem to me then was huge,or so i thought.

I came here with very little knowledge about pc's,now im able to advise to the best of my ability.All the advice above is sound but do bear in mind,this forum is free to all.So if you do not get a response to a question immediately,please sit tight and someone will help you as soon as possible.

Many forum members give there time and expertise freely,and believe me.....some are on here for hours on end (including me).

However silly or daft you may think the question is (hence Totally-braindead post) just ask,im sure some have dealt with worse than you could imagine.

Welcome to PCA Jim,i hope you find out how good it is here.These members are just fantastic when you really need them.

Just an idea of the help available when in need.A couple of my threads click here
click here
Good luck Jim

  Enoch 11:10 29 Oct 2006

Jim Emery

Use it but don't abuse it.

Until I found this forum I was on familiar speaking terms with most of the help lines (an exaggeration of course). In addition my sons used to hide when I started to say "I have a problem with my PC"

The guys are correct, it IS a helpline for users to help themselves and it certainly does. Don't be afraid, none of them bite

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