who can I trust to fix my computer

  conigio 09:08 02 Jan 2012

with so many scares about security on computers,how do I know who to trust when it comes to needing some repairs. whom ever it is they would have acess to all my personal info and files.?

  onthelimit1 11:21 02 Jan 2012

The best way is by personal recommendation. If you have any particularly sensitive files, I'd save them to an external hard drive, then delete them from the PC. From then on, only save sensitive documents to the external drive. Then, if it goes wrong in the future, not only is the technician unable to see anything you don't want him to, but also your documents are safe.

  iscanut 11:22 02 Jan 2012

I use a repairer that comes recommended by many local people and have used then once and would use again. They will come to you so you do not have to send your pc away and can keep an eye on it and talk to a real person ! Have a look at link below as they may operate in your area.


  difarn 12:14 02 Jan 2012

Have you tried posting on this forum to see if anyone can help you with whatever your problem seems to be?

  Diemmess 13:53 02 Jan 2012

You seem to be in a What-If situation? Everything working but it might not go on doing so?

Follow the advice about keeping sensitive files on an external HD.

If you have trouble, ask on this forum first, as you are doing now.

No wish to be pompous, but maybe you have little that would interest others! Letting others (without good credentials) take away the computer is to be avoided if possible. The horror stories you will have read; at worst the computer is lost or muddled with someone else's and some merely format and reinstall the OS, losing all your other stuff along the way.

  wee eddie 14:54 02 Jan 2012

The first time you use an "Outside" Technician is bound to be a worry.

See if you can find out who the local Accountants and Solicitors use to maintain their networks. Expect to pay, at least, £30 an hour and a Call-out Charge, if you do not leave nearby area or need immediate attention.

Prompt payment will oil the wheels and get a swift response next time you need help.

However a minimum Cost of, say £45.00 + VAT, is great for concentrating the mind on what one can do oneself.

  wee eddie 14:57 02 Jan 2012

"if you do not leave nearby area" should read

"if you do not live nearby"

  spuds 23:36 02 Jan 2012

Word of mouth is the best way to select someone reliable and competent to do the work you require.

I have used computer shop and advertised specialist, and their service and prices didn't justify the jobs that they did. One particular person did a complete reformat, which lost a number of programs that I wanted. That reformat wasn't necessary, but it was a quick and easy method for the 'specialist' to do, with a charge for the time, while he watch the o's install.

The person I use, if I want any work done, is a local guy who does work for a number of local schools on a freelance basis.

  huy123456 13:51 03 Jan 2012

I am also facing the same issue of duplicate files. i got the solution when i used a utility http://duplicatefilesdeleter.com/ and it worked for me.

  iscanut 16:09 03 Jan 2012


Are you in the right thread ?

  lotvic 22:25 03 Jan 2012

huy123456 = SPAM

Has just one post on pca and the above is it - an advert for a program to purchase that is also totally irrelevant to the thread

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