Who is the best and cheapest Broadband ISP

  User-324448 09:37 27 Nov 2003

Who does the best deal with Broad band, I think BT give a free modem if ordered via the internet, what is Freeserve like, I have no problems with their normal ISP service, has anyone useing their
Broadband had problems?

  terminus 09:49 27 Nov 2003

See consumer watch forum consumer. (re) broadband contracts

  sat481 09:49 27 Nov 2003

I use the PIPEX Solo2go package.. Modem, line set-up and all the stuff to get you started for £17.57.. then £24.99 a month.
I've never had any problems with it and know many other satisfied customers.

Take care


click here

  Stuartli 10:00 27 Nov 2003

The words best and cheapest rarely go together..

It's a bit like expecting to buy computer systems at rock bottom prices coupled with superb after sales service.

My son, like sat481, is with Pipex broadband - is very pleased; I've had a PAYG dialup account with them since 1996 and am equally pleased, although I use Tiscali for fixed rate access (sometimes wonder why!)

Stick with the top ISPs such as Pipex and you shouldn't go far wrong and know that the support department is on the ball at all times.

  Djohn 11:28 27 Nov 2003

Not the cheapest, but definitely one of the best, and fastest "ZEN" click here On-line in 3 to 5 days of placing order. j.

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