white screen on monitor ?

  May$ 13:12 04 Sep 2003

Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me. A couple of days ago i booted up my computer as normal and waited for my monitor to come on. Instead it came up with a white screen with white lines across it. I know the PCs ok because i can shut it down from the keyboard but the monitor just keeps showing the white screen.The monitor power is ok and switches on fine.
Thanks for advice!

  Rayuk 13:24 04 Sep 2003

Can you try the monitor on another pc or another monitor on your pc.

  May$ 13:35 04 Sep 2003

I only have one PC so i can't try it. Good idea though. Do you reckon it could be because the tube blew inside?

  Rayuk 13:51 04 Sep 2003

Doesnt look good
click here
mind you this is only a forum thread

  hugh-265156 13:56 04 Sep 2003

some monitors if disconnected from the computer and switched on show a diagnostic red green blue test page.might be worth a try.if it does and it works ok then its the graphics card thats at fault.

  May$ 14:26 04 Sep 2003

I've tried it with the PC off but still get the white screen. The test page doesnt come up at all.

  hugh-265156 14:43 04 Sep 2003

not all monitors have this means of testing.

the monitor needs to be physically unplugged from the grahics card/computer and switched on.

  May$ 19:07 05 Sep 2003

I have tried it disconnected to the Pc but still no joy!

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