White Horizontal lines the top of my screen

  snowy30 19:15 06 May 2014

Can someone explain to me why I get white horizontal lines towards the top part of my screen? When I boots up they're not there, but after a while, I think more so after I opens up a browser, one sometimes more white horizontal lines appear. I tried to change the resolution but nothing happens. There is only one refresh rate of 60Hz and can't select any other. I've had the computer for about 18 months now - it's a Lenovo C320 all-in-one touch screen using Windows 7 Home Premium.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:23 06 May 2014

Tried updating the graphics driver?

60Hz is default for a Flat Panel Display.

  snowy30 01:02 07 May 2014

60Hz is the only option there is

  alanrwood 10:12 07 May 2014

Sorry to say but it sounds like hardware. The contacts between the screen and the screen feeds are not making good contact so the pixels are all lit on the line . The fact that it is sensitive to time would indicate that the problem is there when the screen gets a little warmer. Try gently twisting the screen if you can and see if more or less lines appear. It unfortunately could also be the screen driver circuits that are misbehaving for a similar reason. Hope for your sake I am wrong!!!

  snowy30 01:48 09 May 2014

I twisted the screen to and fro and tipped it from left to right but it didn't make any difference

  alanrwood 20:09 09 May 2014

Then it seems to be a hardware problem and will probably need a workshop visit. Just to be sure try your computer on a friends monitor. If it is the same then you have a hardware problem which is probably cheaper to get a new monitor rather than a repair.

  snowy30 00:52 11 May 2014

I just noticed that, even though I've been on here for almost an hour now, no lines have appeared just yet. And they usually appear by now........quite bizzare!

  alanrwood 10:50 11 May 2014

Maybe the twisting and bending you did before has done some good after all. Keep us in the loop.

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