White External Telephone Cable?

  westwit 01:09 17 Feb 2005

In order to improve the SNR on my telephone line so that I can get reliable 1 Mbps broadband speed I need to run a continuous telephone cable outside the house from my master socket at the front to the secondary socket by the PC that I use for my ADSL modem connection. It's longer, and more difficult, to make this run inside. I have found a source for external telephone cable to BT spec, sold by the metre, but they only have it in black. Does anyone know where it can be bought in white (I have a white-painted house and I'd rather not have to spend time painting the cable to match!).

  Taff36 07:45 17 Feb 2005

Why don`t you just set up a wireless network? It would cost less than £70 to buy a wireless ADSL Router Modem. No cables, no mess and a choice of colours I suspect!

  johnnyrocker 08:24 17 Feb 2005

click here


  Rigga 08:43 17 Feb 2005

westwit, do you mind if I ask you where you found black external telephone cable?


  €dstowe 08:54 17 Feb 2005

Cable from an internal BT box is not necessarily the same as the external feeder cable to your house. Check to ensure that you are buying the correct type.

  Graham ® 10:03 17 Feb 2005

Cable suitable for external use is only available in black or brown. You can use internal white cable (BT did until a few years ago) and it should last for years.

  Graham ® 10:12 17 Feb 2005

Hang on, is there already a socket by the PC?

  sattman 10:29 17 Feb 2005

Sky use white for their connection from the set top box to the service connection, it a protected cable but it probably is not stabilised for outside use.

You will have to check also the suitability of the cable for resistance. It would be wise to check that any cable you fit works before you fit it permantly.

Is it not possible to get the line diverted so that it comes direct to your point of use where your secondary socket is now and then have a extension to your original point.

  JonnyTub 10:51 17 Feb 2005

External grade white sheath telephone cable (armoured) click here

  Jackcoms 10:51 17 Feb 2005

As Graham ® asks; if you already have a 'phone socket by your PC, why do you need to rewire?

Why do you think the current cabling isn't good enough?

I'm using bog standard BT cabling for my 1mb ADSL connect AND the PC is at the end of a 26 foot internal extension line which I wired myself (I am NOT a DIY person!).

I consistently get downstream speeds of 947Kbps - which, I understand, is pretty good for any 1mb connection.

  JonnyTub 10:51 17 Feb 2005

Very expensive !!

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