White BT Hub or black BT Hub

  compumac 10:13 21 Sep 2008

I currently have a non-wireless BT Voyager 240 wired router. I am being offered a White BT hub from BT.
1)Apart from the wireless function being made available what are the advantages over the BT Voyager if any?
2)What are the implications of the hub being white as opposed to the new black one, apart from the colour?

  Technotiger 11:05 21 Sep 2008

There are two types of White hub - Version 1.0 with squared corners, and Version 1.5 with rounded corners and slightly smaller. Version 1.0 is total rubbish, Version 1.5 which I have is grreat, it has never let me down. The latest Black one (curved) is Version 2.0 so should be fine. I think the earlier Black one was Version 1.0, not so good.

  rawprawn 11:46 21 Sep 2008

"2)What are the implications of the hub being white as opposed to the new black one, apart from the colour"

They say it has a greater connection range, although I can't see any real advantage in that unless you live in something like Buckingham Palace.

  compumac 11:49 21 Sep 2008

I had a bet with my wife that you would be the first one to reply!

  Technotiger 13:09 21 Sep 2008

He he - I hope the good lady paid up ... LoL

  compumac 13:22 21 Sep 2008

I saw a flying pig yesterday.

  Technotiger 13:29 21 Sep 2008

Hmm, what if it had been your wife that had made the bet ???

Anyway, one of the reasons I am fairly often 'first', is that I look for Threads that have had no responses - by making a response, I usually find that other responses follow on quite quickly, so it gets the thread going!

  compumac 13:34 21 Sep 2008

I made the comment as I follow most of the content of this forum which makes you able to assess as to certain contributors abilitiy / knowledge of different aspects of computing. So when Joe Bloggs makes a comment on a particular point you feel confident to take their input as being reliable.

  Technotiger 14:02 21 Sep 2008

Yeah, I understand exactly what you mean - like VoG™ would certainly appear to be 'our' main expert on Excel, for instance.

  compumac 14:23 21 Sep 2008

I make the point as quite some time ago I first used CCleaner and it advised to remove over 780Mb of junk and I quickly closed the programme down and did not carry out the removal. Upon enquiring on this forum I noted the contributors who said to let CCleaner do its job and I followed their advice. I did sweat the first time though.

  bobbybowls 16:22 21 Sep 2008

friends of ours have the black one, and it has 4 lan ports. whereas the old white one they had, only had 2. not sure of the model number but it had the phone on the front.

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