White Bar Code on Icons

  John-207204 14:54 30 Nov 2004


I am running a Mesh Matrix 3000 machine with XP and SP2.

At logon the Windows XP logo has grey patches across it, or on some occasion’s small blue or yellow squares all over the same logon screen. Then a normal logon, but when the Desktop appears it has a White Bar Code across each of the Icon’s pictures. This sometimes changes to black bar code Icon’s across their picture and the mouse pointer develops a trailing black bar code. Sometimes the Icon picture disappears leaving a black bar code and Icon name. In Control Panel Icons either have a White Bar Code over their picture or White Bar Code and no picture. On the internet the Icons at the top have a white bar code, however in Word, Icons are OK. Pictures on screen are all O.K.

My screen is a TFT, resolution at manufactures settings, but I have tried lower to no avail. I have uninstalled drivers to graphics card and reinstalled, again to no avail.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  canard 22:30 30 Nov 2004

I think it's your monitor software. Have you more than one monitor listed in Device Manager? If so make sure that you are using the right one. You'll need a pundit to tell you which monitor to remove! Or/and try reinstall with monitor disc.

  John-207204 10:11 01 Dec 2004


Thanks for suggestion Canard, your response is appreciated.
I only have one monitor but have checked Device Manager, even uninstalled monitor, rebooted system which reinstalled monitor. Checked it was shown again and correct, in Device Manager and Display / Settings / Advanced. I still have my Bar Codes.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated from you or anyone else.

  Gongoozler 10:45 01 Dec 2004

Hi Terminater. I suspect this is a graphics card memory problem. Are you able to try an alternative monitor or graphics card to check it?

  John-207204 10:29 02 Dec 2004


Sorry for delay in replying to your suggestion Gongoozler. I was out yesterday and looked up an old friend, who is an IT Consultant for a large company. Guess What! he stopped me halfway through the conversation and finished off by telling me the symptoms. Then he stated Graphic Card Memory.

I arrive home and found that you suggested the same.

I do not have the luxury of a spare Graphics Card, but I took the Card out and then re-seated it. I then got nice clear Icons which I hope will remain. If I get them back I will take the Card out again and try cleaning the contacts.

Thanks Again to both you and Canard for your help and suggestions.

A greatfull Terminater

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