White banding on Epson printers

  Buxtonn 22:46 23 Apr 2018

Hi guys, I've searched entire internet trying to resolve my issue, but I've had no luck.

Last year I bought an Epson wf 7610 I use to print A3 photographs for my business, it seemed to perform fine, until recently it's starting to give some white banding marks across the images, most notably on images with large red sections. I performed hundreds of alignments, unchecked fast printing, but nothing work, so i assumed it was near the end of its life since I've used it 3000 plus times, i decided to purchase a new one.

I went for the wf 7710, I took it out the box and set it up, straighy of the box the alignment is horrendous, white banding across the the page, I performed a couple of alignments and it sort of made them disappear, but after a few prints they were back along with a "Scratching" type pattern across the page where it was just leaving white marks.

I've sent this one back to Amazon and I'll be receiving a replacement tomorrow, I was just wondering do printers come with perfect actually come with perfect alignment or are my standards too high? The horizontal check showed deep white lines through almost every box.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how I could fix my old one of be more than happy to try them out.

Thanks in advance.

  Menzie 23:54 23 Apr 2018

Recently have you changed the brand/type of paper you're using?

This can affect some printers a lot.

  Buxtonn 01:37 24 Apr 2018

Nope, no changes to the paper, have been using the same brand for all 3000 prints. The only thing I might add is that it's transfer paper which is slightly thicker than regular a3.

  mole44 05:11 24 Apr 2018

Up the print quality and make sure you have the correct print type paper selected,plus are you using Epson ink not cheapo brand.

  alanrwood 08:58 24 Apr 2018

3000 prints is nothing to this printer. It sounds more like some of the jets on the print head are blocked. Search for a head cleaning kit on eBay and give it a try. I have found that using lint free material soaked in the cleaning fluid and laid on the rail with the print head moved across to lay on top of the material and left 24 hours will usually sort it out. Also a small tube and syringe gently used to force fluid down the ink path to the print jets and also left for 24 hours can be effective. Don't use the cheapest replacement ink cartridges as the ink tends to dry out in the jets if the printer is not used regularly. The slightly more expensive ones (but still cheaper than Epson originals) are much more resistant to solidifying.

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