Whistling D-Link DSL G 604T router

  midniteson 22:08 21 Dec 2004

I have just bought a D-Link DSL G604T ADSL router, which was a breeze to install and configure and works great. However it does seem to emit a high pitched whistle after it has been switched on for a few minutes. I suppose this could be the capacitors but was wondering if anyone else had this problem, or if I should return the router. Thanx.

  mrdsgs 22:42 21 Dec 2004

mine too, its a common fault but i can only hear mine with my computer switched off and even then i have to be within 12" and listen very caefully

i can certainly live with it!

  midniteson 09:05 23 Dec 2004

I took the router back to the shop for an exchange, and though the new one also whistles, it is much quieter than the first one.

  Gongoozler 10:38 23 Dec 2004

The whistling is probably a switch mode power supply. They use a high frequency oscillator to drive a transformer and that is what whistles. In the old days the transformers worked at mains frequency (50Hz). They hummed and were much bigger. A well made switch mode transformer would be potted in resin to keep it quiet but that costs money.

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