while playing a game the game is saying an error occurred and closing at the exact same spot

  bigjohn22580 20:33 13 Jun 2012

the title pretty much explains it if any other details r needed i can supply them

  bigjohn22580 20:38 13 Jun 2012

also i just tried to play agai and i am getting small pixellated rectangles at the top of the screen but its the same exact spot everytime

  KRONOS the First 09:08 14 Jun 2012

if any other details r needed I can supply them

How about telling us a little about your PC and the game you are trying to play? You have provided absolutely no details whatsoever.

The Game?

How long into the game before you have problems?

Your graphics card, make/model and whether you have the latest drivers?

Operating system?

How much RAM?

That will do for starters.

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