While I'm waiting for my broadband connection.....

  TomG 18:46 24 Jul 2004

I've signed up for broadband and am waiting for bt to upgrade my line.

I've bought my own modem (I'm not going to use my isp's one cos its a usb modem and i don't want to have to leave my pc on all day so everyone else can access the net - so i'm using a belkin modem/router.

Now I've been told that i need to set my new modem up and while i'm waiting for bt to do their bit two green lights will continuosly flash (once bt have upgraded my line the lights will show continuosly).

Now my question is - if my new modem is sat their flashing away (connected to the phone line) how do I access the internet in the meantime? Do I just keep switching over the phone line from internal modem to external modem or can I surf using the braodband modem?

  Djohn 19:05 24 Jul 2004

Use your 56k internal modem as normal. You can leave the router connected, it will not interfere with the phone line, ADSL is a different frequency.

  TomG 19:09 24 Jul 2004

But don't i have to connect the broadband modem to the phone line? Or do I use a splitter?

  Djohn 19:15 24 Jul 2004

Yes, you need to use a Micro-filter, otherwise neither will work correctly. For a basic setup you would connect a micro-filter into your main phone socket. The filter has two outlets, one for the phone or dial-up modem, the other for your ADSL modem or router connection.

  Graham ® 19:18 24 Jul 2004

You use a filter, which 'splits' the broadband and analogue line components. Best to unplug the 56k once you have broadband.

  Djohn 19:23 24 Jul 2004

click here and scroll down for a few graphic examples of how to connect.

Hi Graham ® ;o)

  Graham ® 19:35 24 Jul 2004

Hi, Djohn :-)

  TomG 15:17 25 Jul 2004

Thanks for the replies.

I think I've got it - now with the filters I understand that I plug one into each phone socket and then connect the phone plug into the filter. The phone socket by my pc differs, I presume, in that I plug the filter into the phone socket and then the RJ-11 from the broadband modem and the phone line from the pc's internal modem into the socket? Once my broadband connection is up and running I then disconnect the internal modem?

  spuds 18:11 25 Jul 2004

Your modem user's book should have all the information you need to set up the connection. If you require filters, then I would suggest ebuyer click here.

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