Whichever program

  Forum Editor 18:16 06 Oct 2003

you end up using, you'll need to put in a fair amount of hard work if you expect to end up with a decent web site.

Site design isn't just about HTML code (whether it's hand-written or generated by a WYSIWYG program). The success of a site depends to a very large degree on its appearance, layout, content, and navigation. Work on those to begin with, and use a WYSIWYG program to take care of the HTML. Later, when you've gained experience, you can start delving into your sites underlying code.

Like Taran, I believe that MS FrontPage is the nearest thing to a perfect solution for someone who is starting out in web design, and it will keep pace with you right up to the point where you are designing complex sites which interact with data sources. Other than FrontPage, I suggest NetObjects Fusion as a suitable application - it's another program that can please both beginner and expert alike.

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