Which wireless router should I get?

  helsbels24 20:53 12 Nov 2008

I wonder if someone can help. I am an unfortunate TalkTalk customer, long story but not an option to change, anyway I want to get a wireless router and whilst TalkTalk recommend one it seems vastly expensive compared with others on the market and as I can't seem to find the spec for it anywhere I can't see what other options I might have, can anyone recommend one? Most of the time it would only be one laptop to connect to it but sometimes 2 laptops and possible as PSP and I don't need the signal to travel more than about 30m.
Also not being terribly techy do I need an adaptor? what will it allow me to do that I wouldn't be able to do if I didn't have it? ... sorry I'm sure that is really obivous for those of you in the know.
Thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 21:04 12 Nov 2008

I use a £15 ADSL+2 modem router (e-buyer Guru model that's a rebadged Safecom product) quite happily with TalkTalk.

There's plenty of advice on its website about setting up and configuring routers (one or two well known models won't work). See:

click here

click here (for configuration)

Don't forget that the router's username and password are your phonenumber @talktalk.net and the provided password (mixture of letters and numbers).

However, to enter My Account it's your TT e-mail address and password.

  MAJ 21:13 12 Nov 2008

Basically any ADSL router will do with TT, I use a Linksys, mate uses a Netgear. You only need an adapter (usually a USB wireless adapter) if any of your computers are not wireless enabled and you want to connect wirelessly using that computer.

  helsbels24 10:48 13 Nov 2008

Thanks guys you've both been really helpful.

  Border View 11:17 13 Nov 2008

If you are a long way from the Exchange, I would recommend a Thompson Speedtouch 585v7.

  cocteau48 11:49 13 Nov 2008

My Belkin Wireless G works very well with TalkTalk but it was only after I bought it that I discovered that I cannot access my line stats on the set-up pages. This can be of use if you are trying to resolve problems with your ISP. I have to do a temporary switch back to my old SmartAX if I need to access stats.

  oldbeefer2 12:22 13 Nov 2008

I too would vote for the Speedtouch.

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