Which wireless router should I buy?

  [email protected] 19:48 07 Sep 2005

To run a PC and Laptop (Win XP SP2 Home Editions) using Pipex Broadband at 2.2MBPS
I asked this in the Consumer Watch forum and was advised to try here.I have had some good replies but thougt I'd also float the question here as it seems more appropriate once pointed out to me!

If you want to read what has been recommended so far click here
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  Strawballs 21:45 07 Sep 2005

Your best bet would be a modem/router combo but don't go for cheap one go for reconised brand, Linksys, D-link, netgear etc

  Taff36 12:58 08 Sep 2005

I`m with Diodorus but I`m biased. The bundle he recommended with the free USB wireless adapter works fine and I have setup a few now including one in a business connecting three computers on different floors. It`s still a bargain if you order online and collect from store.

  [email protected] 17:48 20 Sep 2005

Thanks I'm still confused about 54 and 108 mbps though (have asked about it in a sep. thread). If I bought the D-link is the support good and could i connect a printer?

  Taff36 06:47 21 Sep 2005

D-Link support is good, both online and telephone support. You can easily share a printer that is attached to either machine but obviously that machine needs to be switched on to print.

I set up the G604T with Pipex BB on Monday. Getting the correct settings from Pipex is fun but I`ll post a link when you get to that stage.

  [email protected] 07:22 21 Sep 2005

I have the settings from pipex. Are these correct?

VPI (Virtual Path Identifier) 0

VCI (Virtual Circuit Identifier) 38

Framing VC/MUX

Mode ITU G.dmt

Protocol PPPoA

IP Address supplied by DHCP server

Host Not Required

  Taff36 08:52 21 Sep 2005

Morning! On the setup page for Connection 1 you need:

Tick both NAT & Firewall - Encapsulation:LLC - Username is in the format [email protected] followed by for example, xtreme.pipex.net (It will be on your paperwork from Pipex) Password as supplied. Tick the set route box. PVC settings on the right are 0,38,UBR.

Click apply then go to the Tools Tab>System Commands and save all. Select the Back button on the screen (Not your browser back button) then select the Reboot button and log back into the router when it`s finished. More follows when you`re that far!

  Taff36 05:18 24 Sep 2005

Are you up and running?

  [email protected] 07:46 24 Sep 2005

No! I haven't got the laptop yet! I am getting it through a very good leasing deal from my husband's work and they couldn't process any orders until the deadline (which has now passed).I should receive it by the middle of October, but I wanted to have the router at home when it arrived (hence early enquiries as if buying off the internet there can be a delivery delay). The Netgear one is now available at 108 mbps with an adapter for £54 delivered, which is still very good, but I'm swaying towards the D-link, as the Netgear is either loved or hated!Mind you I'm glad I didn't buy the router when i first started looking (only a couple of weeks ago) as the price has dropped by £35 since then !

  Lazy lorry driver 10:18 24 Sep 2005

Hi Debe this is my first post hope it helps these are the advanced conections settings for pipex they can be found in you control pannel

VPI (Virtual Path Identifier) 0
VCI (Virtual Circuit Identifier) 38
Framing VC/MUX
Mode ITU G.dmt
Protocol PPPoA
IP Address Supplied by DHCP server

  [email protected] 10:36 24 Sep 2005

Thank-you, impressively technical first post :)

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