Which wireless lan card for my Laptop?

  Appaloosa62 10:02 03 Aug 2013

I have just been given an old Dell Latitude C510/C610 Laptop, Model PP01L by my mate to help get him started with the internet.We were wondering what is the best option for a WI-FI card for this model Lappy? I explained to him that he could get a plug in dongle type, but he said he would prefer something built in so he couldn't lose it or break it. We have looked on Youtube and think we would be able to install it ourselves to keep cost down, as we are both on a pension. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve

  onthelimit1 10:44 03 Aug 2013

I've been using these for ages. Ideal solution if the laptop doesn't have a built -in aerial for a wireless card. If there IS an aerial, then a Broadcomm mini card would do the trick.

  onthelimit1 10:49 03 Aug 2013

Having read this, it looks as though there is only one slot for a card, so think the dongle the easiest route to go.

  Ian in Northampton 18:52 04 Aug 2013

The alternative would be a PCMCIA card like this. Either that or the USB dongle otl1 suggested would be fine. Yes, both stick out somewhat - but both will be significantly easier to install than taking the laptop apart to try to fit one internally - f, indeed, that's possible.

  Appaloosa62 19:13 04 Aug 2013

Thanks everyone for your input. Looks like we`re gonna have to go for the dongle/slot-card type, as the internal card has been removed & we can only find used ones on e-Bay that don't come with a install drive cd.

  Ian in Northampton 20:04 04 Aug 2013

Appaloosa62: if you're still determined to go in that direction, why not identify the item(s) you're interested in on eBay, then find the manufacturer's web site to see if the drivers can be downloaded? A driver CD is generally far from essential.

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