Which way do you do it?

  User-312386 22:42 01 Dec 2004

Hi all

I have 2 hdd's and 2 optical drives (a dvd-rw and a cd-rom)

Whats the best way to have them set up?

What i mean is do you have the 2 HDD's on the same IDE and the 2 optical drives on the other IDE?


Do you have a HDD then an optical?

Is there a correct way and incorrect way?

Open to discussion here

  woodchip 22:44 01 Dec 2004

That's the Way I Have mine setup. My DVD as Master and CDRW as Slave on EIDE 2

  Technotiger 22:48 01 Dec 2004

Hi, from what I have read in this forum it does not seem to make a lot of difference ie - HDD Master with either CD as Slave or 2 HDDs together Master/Slave or 2 CD together Master/Slave, you takes your pick and makes your choice. Having said that, my local PC shop advises not to have 2 HDDs together or 2 CD together. lol

  User-312386 22:51 01 Dec 2004

thats the way i have it as well

However,i was thinking if i had my Main HDD and DVD-RW drive on ide0 and my Second HDD and CD-rom on ide1

Would it make better data transfer?

  woodchip 22:55 01 Dec 2004

Not that I can see, main thing is make sure you use 80 wire Ribbon cables

  temp003 01:51 02 Dec 2004

Your current config is the more common setup.

The limiting factor with IDE connections that still remains is, with IDE devices connected on the same channel, data can only be accessed from one device at any one time (not a problem now for SATA).

So if you are trying to burn from a hard disk to a DVD on a burner on the same channel, the computer will read from the hard disk, then stop reading from the hard disk, then switch to the burner, etc.

Neither config is ideal. It really depends on what types of data transfer you do most between which devices.

But at least the current config is pretty safe. It will be fine for installing programs from CDROM, burning data from hdds. Will not be as good for on-the-fly CD copying or data transfer between hdds. May not sound ideal, but if you try the other config, you can imagine other problems too.

  jack 08:18 02 Dec 2004

I agree that it makes not a great deal of difference. I have seen an odd warning here and there about disk to disk copying on a common IDE
but as CDtoCD is perhaps not the best way to copy
and I dont, that prob is out of the way.
I do wonder however my recent CD slave problems 'getting it to read'may be in some way connected,but I have not had any bright ideas that have bourne fruit yet.

  Jeffers22 08:30 02 Dec 2004

Hard disks on IDE1, master and slave.
Optical disks on IDE2, set DVD RW as master and CDROM as slave. (I have read of some DVD RWs having trouble if set as slave to another optical drive - but have no direct experience)

Mixing HDD and Optical on the one IDE channel will slow down your HDD to the read speed of the optical drive - all bus speeds default to that of the slowest device on the bus, just as two RAM sticks of different speeds will default to the slowest speed.

  woodchip 14:20 02 Dec 2004

That's old hat "all bus speeds default to that of the slowest device on the bus" Not With Modern Computers.

  User-312386 17:41 02 Dec 2004

Thanks guys

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