Which VPS ?

  Taran 15:49 10 Sep 2009

I've a project in the pipeline that would stretch most hosting/reseller accounts a bit but that might well fit into the VPS segment, without having to go the whole hog into dedicated server territory.

Has anyone any direct experience with UK VPS providers ?

VPS or virtual servers are not what I usually dabble in, and although I have done a little research I would rather ask the question based on direct experience.

This is based around service levels and not on who might offer the most disk capacity/bandwidth etc.

Reliability and uptime would be key.

Anyone ?

  Forum Editor 00:07 11 Sep 2009

click here

Let me say straight away that I have no personal experience of these people, but I know someone who has, and she spoke highly of the service levels. She involved herself with a Cloud Server, and she seemed happy. Unfortunately I can't ask this person for more information, we're out of touch, and I think she's living abroad.

Maybe of some help.

  Taran 09:55 11 Sep 2009

Now there's an option I'd not considered.

Thanks for the link - you've given me something to think about (on a weekday too).

Looks very promising.

  Forum Editor 19:06 11 Sep 2009

is the scourge of the leisured class.

  Ansolan 23:47 11 Sep 2009


If you are considering the rackspace cloud facility for a UK relevant site, check whether this is UK hosted i.e. a UK IP.

Simply mention this because IP location is an important factor re search engines. You can geo-target in some e.g. Google but will still be at a disadvantage. That may not be what you want.

  Taran 21:09 13 Sep 2009

Ansolan, thanks for raising a very important point which a lot of folks may not be aware of.

In this particular instance we're talking about a very specialised niche market with an already busy (private login) searchable product database/global distributor ordering and account management and so on. I wrote this system a couple of years ago now and a large part of this project will be a codebase rewrite (PHP to .NET) to link into a bespoke ERP software application in the UK and SAP in a sister company in Holland, as well as to introduce new functionality to meet changes in the system requirements.

SEO is not a particular issue since the bulk of the content and operations are for logged in users only, and most of them are part of the existing global distributor network which, by nature, tends not to be fluid.

The site front end is information rich scientific/health related content, but due to the niche market and existing worldwide customer (distributor) base it is not necessary to spend as much time and effort on all aspects of SEO as I might otherwise do.

Good point though, and it would normally be very valid for most projects.

I may well end up with another dedicated server for this rather than plumping for a VPS-type solution, based mainly on the requirement for guaranteed uptime and the sheer physical size of the MS SQL databases and transaction logs, among other things.

  Ansolan 23:14 13 Sep 2009

Hi Taran

Sounds an interesting place. Your idea for a dedicated server seems good.

  Forum Editor 23:41 13 Sep 2009

a couple of years ago - also for a client company in the scientific community and also for an exclusively logged in userbase. Mine was a non transactional site, but was information rich - big databases and huge amounts of searchable data and downloadable PDFs. I did have a course booking facility, but that was a simple matter - few options, and a straightforward card transaction.

I decided on a dedicated server for the same reasons - up time was a major consideration, and in the end we set up a server in the client's own 24/7 monitored server location (Singapore). As with your project, SEO wasn't a concern in this case.

Good luck, it sounds as if you have some work ahead of you.

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