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  tooter 18:09 07 Jan 2005

I want to increase to the number of usb ports to 4 because my computer has only 2 both being used. I wish to plug in a broadband modem and it was suggested by PC adviser members that I fit a 4 or 6 port pci usb 2.0 card. On purchasing a card I found that the price varied from £9 to £50. Can anybody advise me on the best card to purchase to connect my Printer, Camera Card Reader and Broadband Modem because I do not want to spend £50 on a card if a £9 will do, and why they vary in price so much?

  Modo 18:47 07 Jan 2005

Don't know - but I do know that even the same card can vary in price extraordinarily widely.

PCWorld regularly discounts the Belkin 4 + 1 card from £39.99 to £19.99. Given the amount of packaging the Belkin card comes with one has got to say that the £9.99 version plainly packed may have more intrinsic content value (you'd be amazed how expensive packaging is - and it also increases shipping costs.)

If you look at Amazon today your bottom price looks a bit on the high side!

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  Gongoozler 19:36 07 Jan 2005

Have a look at some of the cards listed by Ebuyer click here.
Look at the customer reviews and you will see the opinions of real users of the products. The reviews are genuine, I have submitted reviews both complimentary and critical and all have been published.

  Belatucadrus 19:46 07 Jan 2005

click here for the cheapest one I can find, £50 is a huge amount for a PCI USB card. The only ones I can find anywhere near that amount are combination USB Firewire cards.

  Gongoozler 20:04 07 Jan 2005

I agree with Belatucadrus. £50 is way over the top. I'm currently using this 2 port one at under £5 (+ postage).
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  jack 20:17 07 Jan 2005

The USB 2 4 external +1 internal I have is
branded ACG and was purchased from a local computer fair dealer for £8
By hooking my x4 port hub to the internal
I now have 8 USB2 +2 USB1 on the mother board.
From a box shifter not more than 12/15 plus postage
I would suggest

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