Which unlimited broadband supplier

  southcoast1 09:30 11 May 2010

my bt option1 bb ends in 2 weeks and i was given my mac code yesterday to change to a new supplier.

i want unlimited access so we can watch streaming movies etc.

i have looked at this sites bb section but i was hoping for personal reccomendations.

i was hoping to keep the cost down to less than £20 p/m and i still have my line rental with bt for another 4 months

  birdface 09:58 11 May 2010

Maybe try Virgin but that is £20.

click here

  Confab 12:28 11 May 2010

Try O2


  Covergirl 13:13 11 May 2010

. . . you'd better watch out for the "Fair Usage Policy" which regularly catches a few people, as witnessed by various posts on this forum e.g. click here

If you want to watch a lot of streaming media, I suggest you do most of your watching "off-peak" - you'll have to check any prospective small print for exactly when this is, but PEAK is usually somewhere between 6pm and 11pm.

Talktalk is usually the cheapest around but that costs £26.50 per month.

Try Googling Broadband Deals or similar click here= for cheapest prices in your area.

  KremmenUK 13:22 11 May 2010

I'll also suggest O2.

I think their fare usage kicks in at circa 100Mb per month.

  ella33 13:27 11 May 2010

My 3GB (dongle)for £15 a month has been pretty good until I started trying to send home videos when I ran out. Other than that it has been very good. Isn't BT less than £20 a month or has it gone up now?

  southcoast1 13:28 11 May 2010

bt is 24.99 for option3 unlimited* but does anyone think its worth asking bt for a discount as a loyal customer for 15yrs.

ive just got bt to commit to a figure of 80gb a month as the cut off limit where they would send an email warning of a slowdond of service. anything over 100gb would trigger a slowdown automatically.
i want to watch iplayer but (i think) you can download the show out of peak times which may make the 80gb limit more flexible and the odd lovefilm streaming film about 2 or 3 times a week plus my other half uses utube downloads for her college work so i think i may be under the 80gb limit.

  Confab 18:38 11 May 2010

O2 is 100GB per month.

I pay £10 per month for up to 20 Meg download speed (I get around 14 Meg). Support is free and open 24/7.

  MAT ALAN 19:13 11 May 2010

Talktalk is usually the cheapest around but that costs £26.50 per month

Don't think so...
Sky unlimited, at the moment i pay £10 a month soon to be reduced to £7.50...

  southcoast1 19:30 11 May 2010

bt have just offered me their option3 at £15.00pm so a £10 discount.

am tempted but their customer care is appaling in my limited experience but the deal is good

  northumbria61 20:23 11 May 2010

BT works out about the same as Talk Talk when you have added your line rental.

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