which type of memory 2100 2700 3200

  toni b 01:03 04 Aug 2003

I have just purchased an AOPEN AX4R Plus motherboard i which to buy the best memory as in speed available but when i use the configurator for sites such as cruical is gives me a choice of several variteties of ram 2100 2700 3200 I understand that non-parity is the better performer
so that narrows the choice a little but if i buy 3200 will i benifit using this motherboard please advise (so far every question i have posted I have the desired information) so thanks to all that read and help us less educated people)

thanks toni

  DieSse 01:17 04 Aug 2003

According to the Aopen site click here your motherboard uses PC2100 memory, and supports Dual channel.

The Dual channel means that you should use two modules on equal size, one in one of each channel slots, for best performance.

The site says nothing about supporting faster RAM than PC2100.

What does the motherboard manual say?

The spec says also that it supports ECC RAM, which although more expensive, means Error Checking and Correction - usually used in servers and other critical systems, but a "good idea" in any system.

  DieSse 01:20 04 Aug 2003

Also just noticed the RAM test page click here which doe cover tests up to PC3200RAM.

Sometimes the faster RAM can't be used in Dual Channel mode (which is faster) - but I can't read your manula right now, as it gives a Page not found error when I tried to access it.

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