Which Type of ADSL modem?

  Rodders06 22:39 29 Dec 2004

I have recently applied for an account with Pipex, who supply the Alcatel speedtouch 330 USB modem, for free, along with microfilters
As an engineer however, I have concerns wrt the loading (some 570 mA) on the usb port (max is usually 500 mA).

My question is, should I avoid USB modems, and perhaps go for either an Ethernet type or PCI internal modem? or perhaps an expernal router/modem/forewall?

I have just bought a hp pavilion T680 PC (AMD64, uses Nivida nforce3 chipset if this info helps).

Any advise from those with experience appreciated.

Rod Marriott

  Charence 22:53 29 Dec 2004

My ADSL modem is running from the USB port and I don't think it has caused too much problems. However, now that you mention it, it could be what caused my computer to not boot up with enough power going to devices and also for warning messages about power usage from USB hub. I don't have evidence it caused this though.

My ADSL works well however, if it costs the same for a PCI then it may be better to choose that. It'll save you some desk space at least and its one less item you need to dust. If you've got a few computers on a wired network, go for the Ethernet option.

I've not used an ADSL PCI modem or Ethernet modem but I'm sure the PCI one won't be too different, but it will mean you've got more unoccupied USB ports. On a network the Ethernet will be good because your internet connection will not be dependent upon one computer's internet connection.


  Charence 22:57 29 Dec 2004

I don't think USB ADLS modems are Plug and Play. Mine isn't, everytime I pull the telephone cable out or plug it into another socket, it tells me to reinstall the software and it has to go through some sort of authentication process which takes ages.


  Technotiger 22:59 29 Dec 2004

Hi, I use and recommend The Billion Ethernet ADSL modem - BIPAC 5100S. You can see it, and read all about here click here
In my humble opinion it is much better than normal pci dial-up modem.
Happy New Year.

  pipedream 22:59 29 Dec 2004

I've been with Pipex for around 2.5 years now and have used the original Speedtouch USB 'frog' modem ever since without any problems. I have two (sometimes three) other PC's sharing its connection and it's always been fast & reliable.
Have also installed the newer modem on a few friends PCs without any problems.

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