Which of these graphics cards would be better for running games on my pc.

  sheeley13 13:54 14 Oct 2014

I currently only have an integrated graphics card an am looking to buy a dedicated one, however I don't know too much about them and was looking for some advice. Which one of these would be better for running low profile games such as minecraft? Graphics card 1: click here card 2: click here


  Ian in Northampton 14:17 14 Oct 2014

See here. I'd have said they were broadly comparable, so it may come down to price.

  Ian in Northampton 14:26 14 Oct 2014

I'd probably go for the 6770, though, if only because it has DDR5 memory rather than DDR3. DDR5 is a newer, faster technology. And it does marginally outperform that 5670. Either outperforms the 5550 which the Minecraft wiki identifies as being required for optimum performance.

  sheeley13 20:25 14 Oct 2014

Ian Thank you for the advice it is much appreciated, I've decided to go with the 6770.

  wee eddie 22:27 14 Oct 2014

You have not told us what PC you are running.

The questions you need to ask are: Is the Case big enough to house a full size Graphics Card. And: Is the PSU powerful enough to supply the Card of my choice

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