Which of these 2 ACER laptops to choose.

  jamie3598345834 18:55 02 Apr 2018

I currently have an 8 year old Acer Aspire. I want to upgrade this now to a newer version. I have been quite happy with Acer it has been a dependable machine. I use it as a dual boot with windows and Lubuntu.

I do not use the machine for gaming, but use some maths applications like Octave / SciLab and Maxima for example. Also store quite a lot of images, and music. Currently I have 320GB HD which is getting full.

The setup I want to get to is Windows 10 and Ubuntu as a dual boot or boot into (ubuntu)from a separate external SSD.

The machines I am looking at :

click here is an aspire with a core I7 (8th gen) 256gb SSd & 1TB hhd.

The other is this. click here is an aspire with a core I5 (8th gen) 256gb ssd only.

The latter is cheaper, and I think I can make this work although would need external SSD. I like the idea of the pricer machine due to the additional 1TB internal hdd as well as the SSD. But I think I may still end up booting ubuntu from an external ssd just because otherwise it means installing ubuntu on the 256gb internal ssd alongside windows. If I am going to use ubuntu external then I may as well go for the cheaper machine with no hdd ?


Which Which

  The Kestrel 09:16 03 Apr 2018

The core i5 laptop is considerably cheaper than the i7. If the specs of this machine are suitable for your needs, even adding on the cost of an external HD will save you a lot of money.

  Forum Editor 10:36 03 Apr 2018

When buying a new computer, it always makes sense (with a view to the future) to go for the best-specified machine that you can afford.

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