Which TFT monitor?

  Southernboy 13:39 18 May 2005

Have decided I need more deskspace, so have decided to buy a 19" TFT monitor with onboard stereo speakers. Used for Office suite etc, so no need of anything more than basic two speakers.

Favoured iiyama, but confused by their technical specs. Two new 19" introduced this month, described as IPS and MVA. In reply to my query, they say that IPS screens are very sensitive and should never be touched! How the hell do they clean them? Not suitable for home use by the sound of it. MVA are described as "technology without a bright future". That's a hell of a thing to say about a new model they have just introduced!

I recall the early TFT screens "rippled" when touched, but current models seem to have a hard surface. What should I be looking for? Want decent build quality that will stand up to average use and moving around, decent display - sharp and bright as I do view my Kodak Picture Discs on the computer, and the ability to use at a resolution less that 1280x1024 as I find this difficult to read.

Advice would be welcome.

  Foz1961 13:57 18 May 2005

I recently purchased a 17" LG Flatron L1730P, cost about £230. I also looked at the Illayama, but this turned out to be a better deal. It has a digital connector and they do it in a 19" version. The other execellent thing is that there is only one dead pixel and thats in a corner out of the way. I would recomend this monitor.

  modelflyer 14:10 18 May 2005

I have had a 17" Sharp LL-172G-B for the past six months. They also do in 19", but I think it's only analogue connection.
Crisp text, vibrant colours and no dead pixels. All in all an excellent monitor...and I have cleaned the screen, carefully.

  hssutton 14:47 18 May 2005

I use the LG 1920P with the digital connection, most of my work revolves around high resolution photgraphic work and I must say I'm delighted with this monitor especially considering the cost. I would point out though, due to the 19" model being the same resolution as the 17" the image can appear a little grainy. This however should be no problem for office work.

For a while I thought that I was suffering from noise in my digital photos, but now that I'm used to the monitor I no longer find this a problem.

  Southernboy 22:15 19 May 2005

I am concerned that any TFT monitor match the display quality of my 17" Mitsubishi Diamondtron CRT monitor (the 19" version was a PCA best buy for months).

I need a bright, sharp screen and one that is robust, that is to say, one I can easily clean without any damage to the screen. I am still concerned that TFT screens may be much more fragile than CRT, and easily damaged.

I know I am looking for a bigger screen with a smaller footprint, but it would be silly to loose the advantages I have with my present screen. I was under the impression that TFT screens can now largely match CRT screens but, if this is not the case, please tell me.

  Southernboy 22:21 19 May 2005

"The 19" screen being the same resolution as the 17" the image can appear a little grainy". I want to use the screen at a lower resolution - possibly 800x600 - and iiyama said this was possible. Are you saying that if the monitor is used below the native resolution, the image deteriorates?

You see, I know little or nothing about TFT monitors, so I am seeking guidance! I should have known it would not be that easy - it never is.

  Jak_1 22:23 19 May 2005

My main monitor is a 17" crt, bog standard. I recently purchased a Iiyama 15" prolite e380s and I am extemely pleased with it. Nice and bright, crystal clear and excelent colour definition.
It will become my main monitor that's for sure and it takes up far less space.

  Southernboy 22:30 19 May 2005

Thanks for that. However, how does it compare with CRT - see my questions above, please.

  Southernboy 22:32 19 May 2005

I am looking for a 19" screen, as I need a larger view than my current 17". I know TFT are slightly larger than CRT (size for size) and I wanted to be sure to get the largest display I could afford.

A 19" CRT would be just far too bulky!

  Jak_1 22:40 19 May 2005

It compares favourably, there used to be refresh rate problems with tft's but this seems to be resolved.
A 17" tft is the eqivalent of a 19" crt, as with ctr's check out the various makes.

  Pooke100 22:44 19 May 2005

Well the response times have got alot better 16ms>8ms and less, refresh rates aren't that important (no flicker) mines set at 60M. My neighbour owns a system almost the same as mine and Warrior Within looked a hundred times better on my TFT than his CRT. My TFT wasn't even that dear they can be had for £150/160 online it's a 17 inch digimate.

As for cleaning, my monitor has a shiny almost glassy surface I was told this is onyx (like on newer laptops) and is more robust and protective than the matt type coating on some TFTs (I'm not sure on this). For cleaing I bought a pack of 100 wipes for a fiver outta PCW and they have lasted ages, hardly used any. Alternatively slightly damp cloth NO CHEMICALS will suffice.

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