Which TFT ??

  Ritchbee 17:09 28 Dec 2005

Looking to purchase one of these 19" TFT in the near future and have decided that it will be from one of these two.

Viewsonic VX924 550:1
Samsung SM930BF 700:1

Can't make me mind up which one.

The only difference I can find apart from price is that the VX924 has a connection for other digital and video sources. (Useful ???).

While the Samsung has the higher Contrast Ratio ?.

Does anyone out there already have one of these TFT's and would like to please pass on there opinion regarding these monitors.

  Thalmus 18:01 28 Dec 2005

I've got the 19" Samsung 913N, very good monitor and an excellent refresh rate meaning i don't get any blur watching dvd's or playing games

  Ritchbee 23:02 28 Dec 2005

Anyone else have any comments ?.

  zincy 01:23 29 Dec 2005

I have the samsung 930bf
And to be honest I am not very impressed with it. They have nice settings but when watching dvds, the picture is not that great.

But gaming wise the monitor is great with 4ms

  Tinkey Winkey 09:52 29 Dec 2005

I have the 19" Samsung 913N for about £190 700:1 with 8ms response time in silver & black -looks very nice.
It only has an analogue input but the picture is superb - very sharp.
DVDs look ok,games occasionally have the slightest of soft focus on the fastest moving bits but you'd have to be used to seeing a better monitor to notice the difference.

Considering it's at least £50+ cheaper than a digital input monitor I think you'd be very pleased with it.

I always recommend something similar to friends who don't want to spend all their money on pc hardware.

I also have the Viewsonic VX924 to compare !
It has an amazingingly bright & sharp display and it's superb for games if that's your thing due to the 4ms response time (now 3ms).

Looking at the two side by side they look very similar - I don't think it was worth spending the extra £130 for the viewsonic which cost me £330( although it's about £260 now )

Bottom line -if you're nerdy about games and want flash, expensive hardware to impress your mates ,and money is merely an unecessary weight in your trouser pocket ,and you can cope with falling out with the missus over extravagant spending then get the viewsonic !

If you have a life outside of your computer room and prefer to have some money left for other things then I am sure you would not be disappointed with the samsung 913N.

Can't comment on the SM930BF though.

Best to have a look at them somewhere like pc world / comet etc if you can ( if they have them ).

Let us know what you get, and what you think about it.

Happy new year & happy computing.

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