Which Tablet to take abroad

  badgermansix 08:32 14 Mar 2015

I would like take a Tablet (?) abroard rather than my Laptop. All I use it for is to check my Bank account and emails. This is important as I am away for five or six weeks at a time. I know that I do not need an expensive one like an Ipad to do this, so can anyone suggest something at a reasonable cost. Thank you.

  HenryF75 11:36 14 Mar 2015

I travel abroad regularly with a Tesco Hudl2 and am no experiencing any problems connecting to wi#fi hotspots as long a sthe connection is reasonably strong. such as hotel lobies starbucks etc. I would be concerned though about security ata that type of public site, used for checking bank accounts. Perhaps you have a private ISP when abroad. Ypu can also purchase Samsung Galaxy tablets for a similar price to the HUdl in some supermarkets.

  bumpkin 14:40 14 Mar 2015

Which Tablet to take abroad


  badgermansix 17:17 15 Mar 2015


Thank you, I'll have a look.


   Fair enough :-((
  wee eddie 19:09 15 Mar 2015

The answer to that is the cheapest you can find. Then you won't be unduly upset when you lose it.

Other points: You really need to take your laptop, otherwise, what will you use to store your pictures on.

As has been pointed out. Accessing your Bank from a Café is asking for trouble.

  bumpkin 19:33 15 Mar 2015

Whatever you take will be stolen anyway so why bother.

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