Which Tablet or Ultrabook or Laptop please?

  wishtobwireless 11:49 01 Apr 2013

Hi My laptop is now overheating constantly 5 years old. Its time to invest in a replacement. I am self employed and need to do the following

Update simple Excel spreadsheets that are sent to me on a weekly basis and return the updated info. Use in the field and in my car Email although I can use my Iphone for this when out and about Some Word letters, which need printing.

Ideally I would like a Tablet that uses Microsoft Office. However I am now finding out that it is not quite that simple! I have looked at Microsoft Surface but when testing it in John Lewis it did not seem that responsive and dont get me wrong I am not the fastest cookie. I liked the touch screen idea of Windows 8 Is there an obvious option I am missing here? Maybe a lightweight Ultra book or another laptop with touch screen? Or are we waiting for this ideal to be released onto the market or perhaps I am asking too much. I have not mentioned price as wish to look at all options really! As always would appreciate any assistance on this you can offer

Thank you

  wee eddie 16:16 01 Apr 2013

It all depends on how important 'Bragging Rights' are to you because, if overheating is the only problem, then a quick blow through, with compressed air or a hair dryer, and touch-up with a stiff brush on the fan blades will save you a fortune.

  wishtobwireless 18:54 01 Apr 2013

thanks wee eddie, haha not too bothered about the bragging rights! I started to take out the screws on the back and after 25 still couldn't get the back off!
I popped into the local repairer and he explained that it may not be just that and could cost me all sorts as it might be some board or hard drive or other that is giving up and would be min £45 to look at it then the cost of the parts and said it could be around £120 blah blah. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro S300-121, would you know any knack to getting off the back at all Blonde lady in charge of screw driver! :(

  spuds 19:26 01 Apr 2013

YouTube might have the answer. Just put 'Dismantling Toshiba' in a Google search, and it should provide quite a number of links to videos for dismantling a Toshiba laptop ;o)

  wishtobwireless 10:47 13 Apr 2013

Thanks Guys Spooky one day after the above postings the Toshiba help thingy popped up and said for me to go onto Toshiba help manual. It explained it easily and I am now using my Toshiba laptop without it over heating. Incidentally I did go onto youtube and watched the videos and wow!I decided I am not a diy laptop engineer, it looked so complicated! Still I suppose i did achieve what was required. Thanks again D x

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