Which tablet for my wife?

  Pineman100 18:04 15 Oct 2013

I want to buy my wife a tablet. She currently uses a laptop for emailing and a bit of limited photo storage, but not much else. She also has a basic Kindle on which she reads books.

Given that this is the extent of her computer usage, it seems to me that a tablet will be perfect for her. However, new tablets are appearing on the market every day, and despite reading PCA's reviews and advice, I really don't know which model to buy her. If necessary I don't object to paying iPad prices, but I really don't think I need to do so, given my wife's limited usage. So here are my questions:-

  • She has a substantial collection of Kindle ebooks. Would these be readable on any tablet or are they specific to the Kindle?

  • Do I need to pay iPad prices, or would (for example) a Tesco Hudl be perfectly adequate?

  • What level of storage should I consider? Most tablets seem to offer 8GB, 16GB or 32GB. Does she really need the higher specs?

I'd be very grateful for any views and opinions on the above questions, plus any other advice you care to add.

Many thanks.

  [DELETED] 18:31 15 Oct 2013

Don't look on a tablet as a replacement for the Kindle reader. Most come with reflective screens that are next to useless in bright light outdoors and are no competition for a proper e reader. I have a Nexus 7 which I basically use in the way that your wife probably will and it is just great for that. If her use of storage is very little then the 8GB will do but you need to know that the operating system takes quite a large chunk of that so I would go with a minimum of 16GB or choose a tablet that is expandable with SD cards. The big advantage of the 7" tablets is that they slip into the inside pocket of a jacket so you don't have to carry a separate bag or lose the use of one hand. I'm quite happy with the Nexus 7 and the Android operating system but would recommend that your wife tries a few different tablets if possible.

  woodchip 18:55 15 Oct 2013

Would this fill the bill

Includes Keyboard Case, so it can be used as a 7inch laptop

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 15 Oct 2013

Agree I also use a nexus 7, looked at the 10 inch models and decided too big.

Bought it for viewing videos etc. while on holiday also allows me to browse a little and pick up emails. Looked at several but went for the Nexus because of the build quality.

Disadvantage is I'm now hooked on Angry Birds ;0)

The new N7 (£199) with better screen and forward facing camera is a big improvement over the old one

For reading out doors you cannot beat the Kindle, luckily my phone, the Kindle and Nexus all have the same micro usb port so I can use the same charger for all.

  Pineman100 08:20 16 Oct 2013

Many thanks for those helpful replies.

Just so that I'm 100% clear, do I understand that ebooks bought from Amazon for the Kindle will be readable on any tablet?

Thanks again.

  [DELETED] 09:46 16 Oct 2013

You just download the Kindle App and it then will enable you to read those ebooks. It also connects to your Amazon account in the same way so that books you have in your account are readable on the tablet.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:53 16 Oct 2013

Yes register the device with Amazon and you have access to your books on that device.

My daughter reads books on her phone, we have similar tastes in authors, she has deregistered my Nexus and re- registered in her name and her books are now available for me to read on the Nexus. My 16,000 books are mostly DRM free so not a problem to put on any device.

  BT 10:44 16 Oct 2013

Don't buy a Kindle fire nice though they are they are tied to Amazon and nowhere nearly as versatile as ordinary tablets.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 which does everything including use for reading Kindle books as mentioned above, as will most other tablets. There is also a KOBO App available so you can access that as well.

Might be worth having a look at the new Tesco Hudl which seems to be getting favourable reviews, and if you have enough Clubcard vouchers can be had for £60 with the doubling up scheme at the moment

  iscanut 11:54 16 Oct 2013

I would recommend an I Pad very time if one's budget allowed BUT in your case, I agree that you don't need to pay out that much. The Nexus are great machines but the Tesco Hudl seems to be a good alternative and certainly worth a look. I agree with the comments about the Kindle Fire being tied into Amazon but if you are happy with that, then also worth a look.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:21 16 Oct 2013

With regard to book reading, remember Amazon offer a Kindle app for Android, so any Android tablet can be used.

  Pineman100 12:44 16 Oct 2013

That's all extremely useful information, and answers all of my questions.

Many thanks to everyone for your thoughts and views on this - very much appreciated.

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