which tablet for the following requirements ?

  Creditman 16:21 30 Dec 2012

A very basic device with following a) Internet, so I can shop, use ebay, obtain information b) Email c) Import documents & photos from existing Microsoft Works files on my desktop, with facility to add or amend data. d) Word processing & spread sheet creation d) Print facility (to wi-fi printer

No interest in films, games, gaming, e-books, music downloads, social networking

Does such a tablet exist ? I have been given a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 which I find very hard to understand & which is full of things I don't want !! Many thanks

  difarn 18:14 30 Dec 2012

Most tablets will come with apps included as part of Rom and which cannot easily be uninstalled, if at all - media, kindle, social networks etc. It very much sounds to me that what you need is a small laptop/notebook. You will probably be better with a bigger screen if you want to create spread sheets etc.

  Taff™ 17:33 01 Jan 2013

Microsoft Works files? Surely nobody uses these for serious work - are you sure? All the apps available use compatible versions of MS Office formats and to be honest, on a tablet they are pretty haphazard. OK if you are out of the office to view files but I am with difarn on this one. A laptop is a better bet.

  wee eddie 21:12 01 Jan 2013

Wait and see what the M$ Surface Pro has to offer.

That's what I'm doing.

Outlook is the one Program to rule them all. For me - that is. If it'll take the .pst file from my Desktop and then keep everything syncronised, it's a wrap. I'm not a fast typist anyway, so that is not a bother, and I don't 'really' need oodles of storage space.

  Taff™ 08:50 02 Jan 2013

wee eddie - I'm with you on this one. I am waiting for a fully compatible Surface tablet and I may consider it depending on the price od course. My only concern is that I don't particularly want to be doing prolonged work on a small tablet - my eyesight woulddn't take it! For occasional client visits and sales work it should be fine however.

  wee eddie 09:27 02 Jan 2013

Taff: I think that the Surface Pro will take the position that Psion once had. Not perfect, but the instrument of choice of the Road Warrior.

  Creditman 17:26 02 Jan 2013

Difarn, Taff Wee Eddie

many thanks for all the advice. I am now looking at a second hand Samsung NC10 netbook using Windows XP with WiFi & Bluetooth. This seems to have all the features I require & seller claims XP has been freshly installed. I just wonder whether it will be too slow & how long battery might last. Any comments on this ?

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