Which Tablet?

  GrannyA 22:12 30 Oct 2013

I would like a tablet the same screen size as the iPad. My husband has an iPad 2 16Gb wifi but we can't afford a second one. Is there one similar but cheaper? Ideally would like a good camera, but really would only use for browsing, email and ebooks and iPlayer viewing. ( and a very few Apps if possible) Is there anything reliable for around £200? Or should I go for a secondhand iPad? Thank you. Granny A

  chub_tor 10:54 31 Oct 2013

iPads come in two sizes, one roughly 7" diagonal and the other 10". What size does your husband have?

You can get a Nexus 7 from £150 upwards depending on model. This is a well respected tablet. Or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for close to £200

  iscanut 17:45 31 Oct 2013

I pad 2 is the 10 inch one, the other is the iPad mini approx 7inches

  chub_tor 18:23 31 Oct 2013

Sorry didn't know the different nomenclature for iPads as I don't own one but as no one else was answering the OP thought I would at least start offering some advice. Now would you like to answer the question that GrannyA posed or do you just want to continue with the sarcastic comments.

  iscanut 18:50 31 Oct 2013

I was not being sarcastic, far from it, just explaining the two types. I could be sarcastic back but that helps nothing.

  chub_tor 20:17 31 Oct 2013

iscanut2 read the post above yours, but instead of being picky try answering the OP's question ....... Is there one similar but cheaper?.....Is there anything reliable for around £200? Or should I go for a second hand iPad?

  GrannyA 07:56 01 Nov 2013

Hi I keep trying to respond to those who have kindly taken the time to respond to my question. I hope this will appear. Has anyone bought a reconditioned Tablet - would you recommend. I believe Tesco do them and give a year warranty.

  chub_tor 08:51 01 Nov 2013

I have no experience with reconditioned tablets but I have bought other "factory refurbished" products with mixed results. If they carry the full manufacturer's warranty then there should be no problem with returning it if it doesn't work. Personally I would rather buy a reconditioned iPad than a cheap brand that is new. I happen to be a fan of Samsung tablets partly because they use Android an operating system that I understand but if your husband already has an iPad then it may be better for compatibility purposes for you to do the same. He would be able to teach you all the tricks he has learned in using it rather than you learning a completely new operating system.

  spuds 12:45 01 Nov 2013


You already have the advantage of trying out and perhaps learning about the iPad 2. What I would suggest is that you visit one of the retailer's who have a selection of 'devices' on display, and go from there. PC World/Currys perhaps. Seeing a model and asking questions, while the device is in front of you, would perhaps answer some of your concerns more direct.

Buying second-hand might have its problems, unless it comes with a good warranty, especially on battery life. If you go on somewhere like eBay, you should find a number of retail stores like Argos, Maplins, Tesco etc who have outlets on there, which usually sell discontinued, refurbished, store returns, all usually at discounted prices with full own or manufacturer's warranty's provided. With Argos there is even interest free periods on certain items upto 3/6/12 months. Providing you get an Argos storecard, John lewis use to have similar schemes, and may still.

  rdave13 20:11 03 Nov 2013

Well there is a reconditioned one from Ebay with a 12 month guarantee. Click here.Free post. 99.8% feedback and address is, Clarke Road Mount Farm Industrial Estate Milton Keynes MK1 1LG.

01908 656 700 is the phone number I presume but with a 09 prefix it might be expensive. You could ask questions via Ebay (cheaper :)). Refurbished with 12 months guarantee for £240, not bad.

  GrannyA 23:02 13 Nov 2013

Thank you so much to everyone for taking the trouble to reply to my question.I told a daughter how wonderful the Forum members are in being helpful and not for the first time, she told brothers and sister and they are, between them, going to buy me a new iPad as combined Christmas and Dec birthday present! Wonderful! Thanks agin - no doubt I'll be back.

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