Which Synctoy do I use?

  Housten 17:20 23 Sep 2012

Good Afternoon,

I thought I would try SyncToy to see if it is as good as many people on here have said. I have looked it up and there are two versions; they have same name but the end of one has 'x64.exe' and the other 'x86.exe'. I do not know which to use!

I have an almost 6 year old computer running Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium, with a dual core processor and I would like - if possible, please - someone to tell me which version I should try/use to make best use of my computer and the programme.

Any and all help/guidance/information will be accepted gladly.

  rdave13 17:22 23 Sep 2012

x64.exe, as the x86.exe is for the 32-bit version.

  Housten 22:16 23 Sep 2012


Many, many thanks. Exactly what I want, so I will try it tomorrow.

  Forum Editor 06:22 24 Sep 2012

I think you might like SyncToy. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does exactly what it says on the tin - it backs up your files efficiently and automatically.

  catpwss 08:41 24 Sep 2012

Have a look at this,Its very easy to use. here...http://freefilesync.sourceforge.net/usage.php

Good Luck

  Housten 11:40 24 Sep 2012


Thanks for this. I have downloaded the file - after reading about it - and I shall try it in about 3 or 4 weeks!! Not being akward but my wife and I are off on a 3 week+ plus cruise for our 40th Anniversary, so I will not be doing very much - i.e. NOTHING!!!!! - on my desktop and only checking emails via her laptop!

Will let you know what I think about it when I return - OK!! about a week later!!

Many thanks for everyones replies!!

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