Which S/W? My Webspace provider doesn't allow FP

  AngeTheHippy 23:28 30 Jul 2004

Disn't know until I'd signed up that although I get 20Mb webspace (ok with me) the provider doesn't allect FrontPage built sites. I'ce seen Dreamweaver and find it totally mind boggling, so can anyone suggest a FP-type (wysiwyg) software please?

Thanks loads,

  AngeTheHippy 13:16 31 Jul 2004

I'm with Eclipse.... when I called the helpline he specifically said they didn't support (?) FP - unless he got it wrong...


  Forum Editor 17:53 31 Jul 2004

that doesn't provide the FP extensions nowadays. although you may have to pay a small fee. For everything to work 100% with FP it should run on a Windows server with the extensions installed, although you can run FP sites without the extensions being present - you just won't be able to use some of the better components like discussion forums and form handlers.

Otherwise you could try NetObjects Fusion - it's an excellent application, and in its latest version it's every bit as powerful as DreamWeaver. The learning curve isn't nearly as steep, and you have slightly less in terms of bells and whistles but we're splitting hairs to be honest, the power to create stunning web sites is all there.

  AngeTheHippy 22:27 03 Aug 2004

coincidence, I d/loaded SmartFTP to try and upload my site to Eclipse. Am very confused (don't take much!!) as I've not used FTP client before. How do I upload using this?

ps - your daughter's a cutey! I only have sons...

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