Which Springdale mobo?

  instant^mash 12:11 15 Jun 2003


I'm buying a new mobo and I've narrowed it down to the ASUS springdale or the ABIT solution.

Which would you pick?

+ what memory would you recommend bearing in mind that I'm sticking with my 400FSB P4 1.5 williamette for a while?

Thanx in advance


  clayton 13:25 15 Jun 2003

I would go with the asus & get the fastest memory the board will support if you are going to update the processor later

click here

  Mysticnas 13:59 15 Jun 2003

the gigabyte range???

They have some good boards. And yeah, get the fastest ram you can afford.

  instant^mash 14:40 19 Jun 2003

Thanx guys,

I've gone ahead with the asus + 2x twinmos 3200

My big problem is that I cant get into windows. The drive I'm trying to boot with has the XP install from my old rig, which was OEM.

The only drivers that I should need to change are the soundmax ones, but it keeps stopping after the asus splash-screen with the XP 'sorry for the prob. try booting again in safe mode etc' screen.

I think that it needs a handshake from my old rigs BIOS...

Also, is there any problems with the memory and my CPUs FSB speed?

Any help, gratefully received,


  Mysticnas 15:05 19 Jun 2003

i was enquiring about that prob before i got my new mobo.

I was going to try hot swapping over just like you did. But it did exactly what yours did. I had to reformat. I have enought hard drives with enough space to back up, which i did before the change over just incase this happened.

The only thing i can suggest is to bung another drive in and install windows on that and then you'll be able to get access to the old drive through the new windows installation. you can copy your old data from the old drive to the new one, then format it. You can then use your old drive to store data and a the new one for windows and other software packages. That way if anything goes wrong with windows you won't loose any of your saved data.

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